You play as a young orphan from Riverbend, an idyllic little village. You and your brother dream of adventures, until one comes calling. Soon into the quest, your brother disappears into the Shadow Realm. From that point on, your quest is very personal.

Side discussion about diamonds: Are they worth it?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: If you can afford it, it’s best to spend $107-ish. It’s $100 + taxes) for 1500 diamonds. Throughout the games, there are certain choices you can only make if you have the diamonds. Some games, the diamonds are more about special scenes. Others, like this one, you will need it for max experience and special items and so forth.

It’s possible to play the games without diamonds. Heck, most of the stories have youtube videos. Those are great if you want to see an alternate special scene (like with a different character because there will be different lines of dialogue). I think PB lets those stay up (instead of fighting them) because it draws people into the stories as a whole, which will get people to spend money eventually.

Additional Comments:

  • Plot 4/5: The beginning meanders. The end is amazing. In between, they did everything in their power to make sure you have lots of sidequests to spend diamonds on. Since that’s basically how they make money to pay people to keep writing and animating such stories, it’s fine. The story itself is fairly standard fantasy fare. I think that’s sort of the schtick.
  • Side Characters 4/5: Mal’s kind of obnoxious. Knowing that’s part of his charm doesn’t quite cover every irritation. The quest makes him a hero, even if he does still have sticky fingers. Nia’s sweet. I think part of your journey is corrupting the priestess’s do-gooderness. Imatura’s tough at the beginning and tough at the end. Tyril’s kind of the emo, tormented soul of the party. The Nesper’s obsessed with snacks. He’s also adorable.
  • End 4.5/5: I’m not sure if you needed to buy enough lore and legendary weapons to get the scene at the end, but it had the exact feel of the Elementalists’s first book. They’re definitely angling for a sequel, though to be honest, it probably depends how many people spend diamond along the way. Pretty sure they only continue the series that are popular.
  • Replay value (5/5) is fairly high. You can adventure as either a man or a woman. You can romance one of 4 companions. It’s a tad annoying that if you switch genders, the special adventuring outfit isn’t already paid for (you have to buy it again even if you bought it for your first character. Cheap shot, PB, but I will admit both the female and male special outfits are stellar).
  • One of the best Pixelberry stories I’ve finished of late, though it’s probably a hairsbreadth behind The Royal Heir Book 2 in overall feels.


Well-worth playing and replaying if you love fantasy.

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