Narrated by Kathleen Li

Performance 4 stars, story 3-ish stars

Run time: 3 hrs and 9 mins

*Disclaimer – not in the target audience


A collection of anecdotal stories and a survey of some of the differing opinions about how to potty train a child.

Additional Comments:

  • There’s a disclaimer that this should not stand in for medical advice and doesn’t cover situations with mental, physical developmental issues.
  • Honestly can’t evaluate the effectiveness of the advice in a real-world situation, but all the advice given seemed to be common sense stuff. Praise small triumphs. Be specific about what the praise is for. Going to the potty involves a lot of steps – kid needs to recognize the urge to go, get to the appropriate location, etc. Be calm and cool about accidents.
  • Book came across more as a cheerleading, rah-rah, you can do this spiel.
  • I did appreciate the lengthy list of terms for body parts, kids, and bodily functions in the beginning. And, yes, I found that part amusing. Tiny human is indeed a favorite term for toddlers.
  • Part of the advice was to not read a certain section unless you had to in order to avoid potentially muddying the issue. That makes me think that audiobook format is not the best medium for the book.
  • Narration was fine. The reading was clear and engaging. There wasn’t much need for alternate voices due to it being nonfiction.
  • The stages thing was helpful until the general note that stage 3 could last until high school. Me: ???? Pretty sure unless something is horribly wrong that will sort itself before then.
  • The other piece of advice I found less than stellar was basically lie to the daycare if needed and/or conveniently forget to send in the proper supplies like diapers. I’m not saying there’s never a situation where a lie is the lesser of two evils, but condoning, normalizing, and even encouraging young parents to flat out lie to a daycare seems irresponsible.
  • Advice is pretty surface-level, but it’s still nice to have it laid out in an organized manner.
  • The book claims to contain all the info one needs for potty training and nothing you don’t need. The claim’s baseless and hard to prove or disprove, but it sounds hella good.


The strong point of the book is it has a survey of a lot of the collective wisdom gained over the years by every set of parents to ever accomplish the feat of potty training a youngster.

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