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Narrated by Cliff Miller

Run Time: 9 hrs and 44 mins

Genre: mystery (sort of small town)


Father Tom Greer is assigned to his old hometown to be the temporary priest. He’d left that place for good reasons. It’s where his wife was murdered. What ensues is a twisty whodunit of sorts.

Additional Comments:

  • Tom’s an okay main character. Detective Helen Parr (one of Tom’s old flames) is probably my favorite character, besides the crazy old lady who thought bingo was rigged. She was hands-down my favorite.
  • I don’t like Joan much. Everybody and their brother loved Joan for some reason, but not me.
  • Well narrated.
  • Had a few laugh aloud moments.
  • There are a lot of instances of you’ll never believe what happened next sort of blah writing tactics.
  • It’s probably about 3 hours too long for the story substance they had.
  • There are a few references to Father Brown, so I’m guessing this is a pseudo homage to that.
  • I hate audiobook previews.
  • Clearly, this is going to be a series. It’s got a solid start in that regard.
  • The dynamic between Helen and Tom is interesting, it wouldn’t surprise me if he left the priesthood after 10-12 long stories.
  • There’s some cursing, but it’s not gratuitous.
  • The descriptions of his duties were handled well.


Clean whodunit with a Catholic church flair.

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