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Narrated by Rick Struve

Run Time: 8 hrs and 53 mins

Genre: mystery, suspense


Sam Kerman is given the monumental task of catching a serial killer. This case could make his career or crush it.

Additional Comments:

  • One of my most intense books. It’s clean in terms of adult language and scenes, but it’s about a serial killer who is experimenting. The descriptions aren’t gory, but it could be disturbing for some people.
  • I got to listen to this recently. Been a while. I enjoyed getting reacquainted with Sam, Mel, Josie, Andy, and Josh.
  • The story bounces between Mel, Andy, and Sam. Mel is Andy’s older sister. Sam’s the agent trying to catch the killer. Andy is the killer. That’s not really a spoiler, it’s in chapter 1. Generally, I don’t recommend outing your bad guy right off, but hopefully, it still works.
  • Andy’s sections are more like journal entries.
  • Mel and Sam have third person limited sections.
  • Tie ins to other works: Sam Kerman has a short role in the last book of Megan Luchek’s Cyber League Crimes series. I’m sort of obsessed with writing about FBI agents. I’ve thought about writing a story that involves Megan, Sam, and Ann and Patrick (from Heartfelt Cases) … maybe even through in some of Devya’s children. Those characters already cross over to Heartfelt Cases.


I aimed for intense here. I would bill Scratched Off and Beyond Broken Pencils together, even though they’re different genres. There’s something similar in the feel of the works.

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