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Starring: Woody Harelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, Emma Stone, and Zoey Deutch


The sequel to an absolutely ridiculous movie (Zombieland). Our heroes have started categorizing the zombies into Homers (stupid ones), Hawkings (smart ones), and ninjas (athletic ones). Their happy little family is disrupted by the ladies running away. The world’s still a mess, but there’s hope out there somewhere. They’re not really sure where they want to go, but everybody’s seeking something.

Additional Comments:

  • This might be the one movie (besides the first) where breaking the 4th wall doesn’t really bother me.
  • The displays of the rules at various pts was amusing.
  • Side characters 3.5/5: I didn’t like Avan Jogia’s character, Berkley. On the other hand, Luke Wilson’s character and Thomas Middleditch’s character, Flagstaff, were hilarious. The makers specifically did everything they could to make the two carbon copies of Tallahassee and Columbus. Madison’s voice was extremely annoying by design.
  • For being a zombie movie, it had a decent (if stereotypical) message of finding one’s true home.
  • This must have been a fun movie to be an extra for. The makeup probably took forever. Lots of CGI effects. The action scenes are amusing.
  • Content warnings: language and innuendo of course.


If you enjoyed the first, you’ll likely be satisfied with the second. If you never saw the first but just like watching zombies get killed in awesome ways, you may still enjoy it. Seeing it on a big screen may help you appreciate the special effects more.

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