Hellboy (David Harbour) goes to Mexico to bring his friend back into the fold. He ends up fighting him and hearing a few mutterings about him heralding the apocalypse. His father (Ian McShane) then summons him to talk to some British friends who are worried about anew old threat. A 5th century immortal sorceress (Milla Jovovich) would like to destroy the world.

Additional Comments:

– The movie definitely has all the hallmarks of being based off a comic book character.

– They earned their R rating. People’s faces are ripped off. There are a few impalings. I think one dude was ripped in half.

– There are some random fights that don’t add much to the plot, but they are cool. I am specifically thinking of the showdown with the giants.

– Alice (Sasha Lane) is a cool side character. I like how there is development in terms of her powers. She’s not just s useless sidekick.

– We get bits and pieces of Hellboy’s past here. I think they wove it in well. 

– The bad guy’s logic isn’t all that sound but I guess it makes sense if you measure from comic book logic. 

– I never saw the first two, but I have a friend who says the reboot is excellent in comparison.


If you can handle gruesome and enjoy comic book characters and movies, this is a good one.

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