* Might contain mild spoilers *


The plot’s either overcomplicated or super simple. Guess that depends on your perspective. A pair of government agents start out with one mission and end up with a higher one.

Additional Comments:

– Okay, so this probably won’t end up on my list of “must watch endlessly on loop” movies, but I found it entertaining.
– Characters: The guy who played Valerian sort of reminded me of a young Mark Hamill/ Luke Skywalker. The woman who played Laurelain (sorry about spelling, dunno the comic) totally reminds me of an older Emma Watson. They might even be the same age, but the character seemed like the type.
– The special effects were pretty good.
– The three information brokers were surprisingly funny. The part with the jellyfish was hilarious.
– The story definitely reads like a comic book. Tons of action, adventure, madness, a dash of romance. Okay, so the romance bit wasn’t the forte of the movie, but it adds a new angle. Part of the trouble as a movie might be the “lost in translation” part of adapting a comic book story to a movie. The medium has different limitations.
– Favorite character: definitely Bubble.
– Overall feel to the movie: Weird, but good.


Worth watching as an oddball scifi flick. (Might tick you off if you’re a “true” fan of the comic series.


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