Narrated by Tom Weitzel

Run Time: 8 hrs and 46 minutes

Genre: scifi, thriller, vigilante


Alley and her mysterious Coach work to save Acadia.

Additional Comments:

  • Points for being unique. This story alternates third and second person. I didn’t like that aspect, but it gets points for uniqueness. I found it needlessly confusing to hear sections spoken of as “you.” Second person is rarely used for good reason. It makes sense in choose your own adventure books and the like, but here, the sections sporting it would have been fine or even more powerful if done in third or first person point of view. The back and forth nature of past and present caused more confusion than it’s worth. It felt like 2 very different stories were being told for about 90% of the book. (It clicks together in the end, finally.)
  • Genre’s actually kind of hard to pin down. It’s billed as a vigilante thriller, but that’s kind of a small part of the plot. The Mx drug stuff conveys almost super human abilities to those who ingest it. The drug experiments and government programs to control the stuff make it seem a wee bit scifi-y. The cult angle wasn’t fully developed enough to make them seem dangerous, but that lent mightily to the mysterious bad guys that need to be fought by a vigilante air. One character even made it seem like an X-file for a while (the gross ones, not the government conspiracy ones).
  • The title makes it seem almost literary, which this book is certainly not. (That’s not an insult; it’s not meant to be literary.) It might be one of those rare books where too much is happening for everything to gel properly.
  • The setting didn’t line up very well. I think that’s because the story gave off such strong scifi vibes early on that I expected the story to be set in the future or in a dystopian future.
  • The big reveals were predictable yet still decently satisfying.
  • Alley and Chase are likable, though I wish their friendship went somewhere deeper. Even when they were forced closer through circumstances, their relationship seemed distant and cold.
  • Coach isn’t likeable. He does the grumpy old mentor figure well enough but then it gets over done to the point, he’s just a jerk.
  • Alley’s mom is kind of useless.
  • The tech doesn’t seem to line up properly. People would be hard-pressed to find working tape players after the 90’s. If this kid’s 15, then she was born ~2005-ish.
  • Cover’s cool but it doesn’t really smack as a vigilante. I get a crime and dystopian flavor from the cover.
  • The performance was competently handled.
  • The vigilante angle is a lot of fun, but it lacks focus. Her actions don’t seem to have an ultimate goal besides hit drug pushers and do some damage.
  • The obsession with the 80’s definitely dates the book. There are giant coincidences that are explained in the end.
  • Closure is mediocre. It wraps up with a three-years-later stamp, but there’s obviously a lot left unresolved. That’s understandable if this is a first in a series, but so far, it doesn’t seem to be.
  • I like that the story had more going on than simple fight bad guys, but I think it probably went too far into other genre territories to be truly satisfying as a vigilante tale.
  • I can see it being attractive to some readers, but the oddball mix of genres may be a detractor for others.


If you’re looking for a high-action genre mix, this is worth checking out.

*I received a free copy of the audiobook. This is my honest opinion. I have freely chosen to provide a review.

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