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A producer struggles to create a show that will save his crumbling theater. His grand plan is a talent show. As typical of these types of movies, the events spiral downward until they hit rock bottom and the characters have to fight back for what they believe in (redemptive power of music.)

Additional Comments:

  • Good show overall.
  • Star studded cast.
  • I liked the credits with the squid lighting up, but it would have been cooler to see which character went with which voice.
  • Cute but not exactly a kid’s movie.
  • Characters 4/5: The koala was a tad annoying, but the mouse takes the prize for most annoying character. I know that’s what they wanted, but still, there’s always a fine line between creating a great antagonist and creating a jerk everybody hates just because.
  • Not sure exactly what moral messages the movie carries. Believe in yourself; just sing; music can make a community come together.


Worth watching once.

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