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Clementine Monroe’s imaginary friend, Wihanbla, is more than a figment of her imagination.

Additional Comments:

  • Very interesting premise, but it didn’t feel like much was happening. A lot of the beginning consisted of her sitting in a special spot talking to her friend who somehow crosses time and space to be able to see and converse with her.
  • The development of their relationship was interesting, as they finally overcome the major hurdle to anything more than friendship.
  • I always have major issues with time-travel books. Even with the giant “magic” bandage, it felt implausible. To me, this files the book under cute but illogical.
  • Narration was very well-handled. This did not come across as an easy to read story.


If time-travel stories don’t bother you, this is a cool story. The back cover copy (blurb) pretty much describes everything that will happen, but the journey to get there still holds some appeal.

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  1. Even though i don’t understand time travel, I like your take, ‘cute but illogical’. You have an impressive portfolio too 😁😁😁

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