3/5 stars A Turtle’s Magical Adventure by Wanda Luthman


Tad the Turtle’s journey to accept himself.

Additional Comments:

– The book contained some interesting world-building (like the wizard’s seeming absolute rule over the forest), but there wasn’t enough details to really make anything stick.
– I realize it’s a children’s book, but the turtle made quite a few nonsensical, extraordinarily stupid moves based on bad advice that it became painful to listen to.
– Things work out in the end.
– There’s very little sense of flow. He’s at school then he’s talking to neighbors then he’s wandering away to go get some stranger to magically improve his life. Where the heck are his parents?
– moral lesson – accept yourself as is, you are wonderful.


I will absolutely be the first to admit I am not in the target audience, so if you have very small children and they have very good headphones it’s probably a great gift for them.

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