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Moon Mystery Series book 6

Narrated by Sharon Huff

Run Time: 5 hrs and 28 min

Genre: Cozy Mystery


Kathleen and Andrea (amateur detective sisters) go to a quaint town for a cozy family reunion to get a look at a famous crossbow. And run headlong into a mystery. I’m guessing since this is book 6 in the series it’s another mystery.

Additional Comments:

  • It’s first person from Kathleen’s point of view. The characters are notable because they’re older, though I do find that cozies run either 20’s and hot and hapless or 65+ and grandmotherly.
  • Random comment: I’m not sure anybody bothers with the old cut out newspaper/magazine letter threats. Who’s got the time for that junk? Criminals are busy people too.
  • It’s a typical cozy.
  • They don’t have a cat. I feel like they need a cat. I think they mentioned a dog that’s with a sitter or something. Doesn’t count. They need a cat. It’s like in the cozy mystery how-to book.
  • The tie-in to the title seems a bit of a stretch.
  • Cover is very pretty but doesn’t channel cozy to me, maybe suspense. I wouldn’t say this qualifies as suspense.
  • The detective work is mostly them asking nosy questions and searching without a warrant because they can.
  • Performance was fine. The narrator fit the character well enough and you could tell if a make character was speaking.


If you’re in the mood for a cozy starring older ladies, this is right on target.

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