Narrated by Fiona Thraille


Very short personal tale from the author’s life. It gives a glimpse into the uncertainty and terror that can accompany a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Additional Comments:

  • I like that the author pointed out how much she relied upon her family during this hard time but there are many others who aren’t so lucky.
  • The author also showed that there’s still some humor to be found in everyday life events, even when one is dealing with something difficult.
  • The narrator does a lovely job as usual, though being nonfiction it doesn’t really stretch her talents much because there’s not a great deal of dialogue. Still, she has a nice energy about the way she reads.
  • It’s very short. You could probably read the story in about 10 minutes.


If you’re looking for a little bright spot in the midst of a tough thing, this is a good story to check out.

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