A girl goes for a coveted apprenticeship and doesn’t know what exactly that entails.

Additional Comments:

– The story has some neat little twists but it also has some questionable points such as why the apprenticeship is so special. I won’t elaborate on those here to avoid ticking off those who hate spoilers.

– What’s so wonderful about the lanterns anyway? (That might have been answered in book one, but I’m new to the series at book two.)

– The blurb pretty much spells out the tale.

– Serah Kettel’s a decent character. She’s not the most spectacular at anything, yet you’ll probably find yourself rooting for her anyway. There’s an innocent quality to her.

– Master Machin’s just sort of the mysterious puppet-master type, respected, yet not really known.

– The cook’s probably the most fleshed out of the side characters. Loved her.

– There are some lovely descriptions in here.



If you’re in the mood for a short fairy tale, go for it.

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