spoilers ahead.


The season becomes about claiming one’s identity. Both Ramsey and Ayra strike out on their own so to speak. Ayra’s journey is probably the most expansive for quite a few seasons. She finally returns home to Westros. Lots of revenge happens in the show in general. Dany’s revenge on the khals is kind of awesome.

Additional Comments:

– Interesting relationships continue. Theon and Sansa.

– finally, Sansa is getting interesting.

– coups left and right

– Dany starts out as a prisoner. But it doesn’t seem to suit her well. She’s definitely better off in the queen role.

– Even at Arya’s training… there are always bullies.

– Red  woman in ep 1… yikes.

– you get a little background on Hodor.

– Fav line “don’t eat the help.”

– there are still sweet moments. I suppose it can’t all be kill this, kill that.

– Dany’s revenge against the Khals is pretty epic. Does nobody pay attention to the “unburnt” part of those long titles she wears.

– You finally get to meet Sam’s family.

– Brienne and Jaime’s relationship is interesting and complicated.

– Cersi’s Last kid is an idiot and a tool for the Faith Militants

– battle of the bastards… pretty drawn out battle

– Sansa’s Revenge nice.

– Arya’s revenge also nice.


Nice end… positive note but hints of discord.


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