Surprisingly good drama/comedy.


Rachel Chu is dating Nick Young. He gets invited to be best man for a good friend who’s wedding is in Singapore. It’s not until they’re on the plane that Rachel gets vibes that Nick’s family might have more money than he lets on. And it’s not until she gets to her friend’s mansion that while there that she gets a clue just how crazy rich Nick’s family is. That kind of wealth comes with a heck of a lot of strings attached.

Additional Comments:

– Funniest character award(s): It’s a tie between Rachel’s friend, Piglet?? (not sure about real name) and Nick’s cousin Oliver. I was told by a friend that I (and another friend) kind of channel Rachel’s friend. My response: Thanks, I think (followed by about a billion question marks).
– If you enjoy the kind of outrageous wealth present in something like the Choices game Royal Romance series, then you’ll enjoy this movie. Saying that the parties are extravagant affairs is a big, fat understatement. The bachelor party starts out on a giant boat in international waters. A ship painted specifically for the party. They had to take 3 helicopters to get there. The bachelorette party takes place on a private island. Basically, makes a fine case for old money real estate ventures.
– Without going into gory details, Rachel’s introduction to Nick’s family seems okay on the surface but she’s definitely not of their world and various parties make that abundantly clear.
– Rachel’s left to make a really tough decision. So is Nick for that matter.

– high points: Nice mix of drama and hilarity. Well-acted all around. Sets were drop-dead gorgeous.


Well worth watching. More fun with friends. Might even be worth seeing a few times.


Episode 7 has quite the parlay. Short season. Dany’s entrance is stylish . Truce? Intriguing. End awesome. Finally!!!! Cersi is well, herself. Jaime at least has honor. The whole winter is here thing finally makes sense.

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