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A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Book 4

Narrated by Nancy Wu

Run time: 9 hrs and 40 min


Mattie and Robo stumble across more bodies. One has a personal connection to her.

Additional Comments:

  • Although the premise stretches believability a tad, a lot of setup in earlier books begins to pay off.
  • This is one of the best mystery series I’ve heard in a long time. (To be fair, I don’t listen to all that many because I’m usually reviewing and that hits multiple genres.) I may even spend that freebie credit Audible gave me around Christmas to get book 6, which isn’t a part of the Plus catalog.
  • The closest series I can think to this is Joe Pickett. I think the connection for me is the rugged terrain.
  • This is the first time our MC has faced mortal danger because of being targeted, not just the cop at the wrong place at the right time.
  • The story turns deeply personal for Mattie. Although you can read them out of order, I think it’s more satisfying in order.
  • Cole and Mattie’s relationship is kind of beyond slow, slow burn, but it’s making incremental gains.
  • Side note: Authors are mean to their characters.
  • We are sort of getting to the point where the plot is spinning to grasp-at-straws to find the bad guys.


The series has small town appeal, police procedural quirks and danger, and really strong characters. This entry is no exception.

*Found on Audible plus. The one book I saw said it was there until Dec 2024.

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