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A terrorist lost some family in a drone strike and now has a major chip on his shoulder. He’s also an arms dealer, so he can hire a huge army of nameless mercenaries. Typical action flick. You can sort of tell from the cover what you’re in for.


Additional Comments:

  • Content Warnings: Lots of language. Lots of violence.
  • The violence is on par with what you’d get in any video game. Some sequences have distinct video game feel to them.
  • Plot’s kind of simple: good guys are trying to survive. Bad guys are trying to kill them.
  • Characters are okay. You barely get to know their names before they’re dead in most cases. They did nicely name the world leaders though. That helped.


It’s a terrifying movie in that it’s sort of realistic. I can’t believe I just said that about a movie like this. Any city is vulnerable to attacks like this. Bridges are pretty easy to block. It’s not like a Rambo movie set overseas in a jungle somewhere, it’s set in a modern first world city.

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