Excellent follow up. Super heroes are outlawed, but people still need saving. Bad guys still haunt city streets. What heroes need is a public relations miracle, and that’s exactly what one business tycoon wants to accomplish: legalization of super heroes.


Additional Comments:

– 14 Years Speech 3/5 – Normally, I don’t mind such things, but it kind of jars one. I love them in extra scenes stuff on dvd/blu ray, but I’m not sold on it being necessary on the theatrical releases.

– Beginning short movie 5/5 – I almost cried. It’s simultaneously sentimental, adorable, and powerful.

– While Mr. Incredible minds the homefront. Helen takes on the task of getting super heroes some positive PR.

– Plot 4/5 – The plot’s fairly complex for this sort of movie. It’s not just about heroes vs. villains. It’s heroes vs politicians.

– Humor 4.5/5 – I saw this almost a week ago, so my memory could definitely use a refresher, but I do remember laughing aloud at several points, especially when Edna Mode was involved. The baby’s first fight scene was amazing and hilarious too.

– Characters 4.5/5 – Surprisingly, there’s pretty decent balance between “these people have really cool powers” and “these people just want to live normal lives.” Jack Jack is adorable.

– Note: I did have to squint a few times to deal with the flashing light bits. Pick a part of the screen and focus there or close your eyes. You won’t miss much.


Definitely worth a few watches. Not sure ultimately how many times I’ll see it in theaters, but I aim to see it at least one more time on the big screen.

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