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Summary: (will try to keep spoiler free)

A rescue diver, Jonas Taylor (Jason Stratham), comes out of semi-retirement to save his ex-wife, Lori, and some of her colleagues. The research into the ocean depths unleashes a mighty beast.

Additional Comments:

  • Characters 3/5: largely forgettable. They’re cool people, but you really only learn them by their jobs, pilot, engineer, doctor, etc. You didn’t even feel bad when not everybody made it.
  • Action 5/5: When there’s action, there’s definitely stuff going down. Not sure how many boats got destroyed in the making of this movie, but it got intense. Different kind of action movie for Stratham, but he pulled it off well.
  • Music 5/5: Very appropriate themes. The beginning music reminded me of a video game.
  • Sets 4/5: Beautiful on location shoots. The Mana One station was probably some prefab walls but they managed to make them look spiffy.
  • Pacing 3.5/5: Parts of the movie could have been sped up a bit, but it kept me entertained.
  • Humor 4/5: The kid was good for some humorous moments. As was the dog, Pippin. I think one of my favorite movie moments was even in the trailer. That moment when Pippin, the waterlogged dog turned around and was like “aw, heck no, I’m outta here” and started back toward the boat.
  • Plot 4/5: Not exactly a deep thinker here. They had two jobs: survive and keep the megalodon from killing tons of people.
  • Note about the Trailers: Seriously, the most sane trailer in front of this movie was Godzilla: King of Monsters. I can’t remember each of the other titles, but they were heavily skewed to horror: Hell Fest, the Nun, Overlord, Venom (new trailer).


Good for renting or watching on a big screen. I enjoyed it. I’ve actually never seen Jaws so I don’t know if it compares. Parts reminded me of the original Jurassic Park.

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