You (the daughter or son of a small country’s president) join a stuffy boarding school with your bodyguard in tow. There, you meet the handsome rival son of another country, one yours is sort of at odds with.

Additional Comments:

  • The story sort of lagged. They tried for a love triangle with the rival country’s favored son and your bodyguard.
  • I did enjoy the bits that were drama-y. I think you give the bodyguards the slip.
  • I’m a sucker for pets, so the pet tour was my favorite bit.
  • There was some decently done mom drama. (Being the First Kid of a nation would kind of stink. That’s a lot of pressure and everybody’s waiting for you to fail.)
  • I definitely read the walk through thing to gauge who wanted me to say what.
  • You did some of the same sorts of political showboating type miniquests as in The Royal Romance, but somehow, the characters in that other series were way more compelling.
  • Politics anything ain’t really my jam.


Sort of a ho-hum entry in Choices canon, but I’m sure some people will like it.

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