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A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery Book 3

Narrated by Nancy Wu

Run time: 9 hrs and 54 min


Deputy Mattie Cobb is on the hunt for a child killer.

Additional Comments:

  • Mattie and Robo are one heck of a team.
  • Just when things start to settle with the investigation, one of Cole’s kids goes missing. Is it the same perp who killed the other girl?
  • Characters in the series are excellent. Robo’s adorable.
  • Mattie’s kind of a hot mess, but that’s par for the course when it comes to tough, capable law enforcement types. It’s like the author’s got a checklist of terrible things that have to have happened to the kid to give her a tragic past. I think the saving grace is that the revelations are spread throughout the series and not infodumped on use all at once.
  • Stella’s dependable.
  • The narrator doesn’t have the greatest range, but she’s perfect for Mattie and Cole and does a credible job with Stella. It’s fine.
  • Cole’s still kind of a saint. I do like that we get to meet his ex and hear some of her story. Angela’s reaction is realistic.


These are best read in order. They’re standalone stories, but all the little character nuggets are worth more once put together.

*Found on Audible plus. The one book I saw said it was there until Dec 2024.

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