Narrated by John Tanner

Run Time: 6 hrs and 16 mins


A blind date gone very wrong sucks Glory Lockhart into a twisty cozy-ish mystery as told by 22 different authors.

Additional Comments:

  • This must have been one heck of a project to edit. I’m guessing Patricia Rockwell had the outline and doled out assignments. There seemed to be a master plan.
  • While unique, stories aren’t told this way for a reason. There are pros and cons to having 22 authors playing in the same sandbox. Pros: It’s unique. It’s fun. It’s challenging. Cons: Every author has their own voice when they write (the way they choose to describe things). While nothing glaring jumped out, it’s hard to nail down a consistent voice when you have so many people involved. In other words, there’s a very high potential the story will strike you as disjointed.
  • John Tanner’s performance was excellent. I’m sort of wondering why the Rights Holder chose a man when the MC is a woman, but it’s not a huge deal since it wasn’t first person perspective.
  • The story itself has a few twists. I finished it a while ago and forgot to review at that time, so I don’t remember them anyway. Good for you because you shall not get spoilers from me.
  • I remember the conclusion being a tad anticlimactic, but that’s a nit I have with the entire cozy genre.


Check out the sample and see if it resonates with you. Sometimes, a nice performance can make all the difference.

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