Narrated by J. Grace Pennington

Run Time: 9 hrs and 16 mins

*Disclaimer: possible spoilers in discussion; Not my primary genre.


Coming off an abusive relationship, Sharee Jones decides to focus on her grand vision for the Christmas program. John doesn’t really want to help because he’s mad at God, but he does it anyway because that’s his job.

Additional Comments:

  • Does Sharee have a title at the church? I know she’s involved with the Christmas program, but is she just a volunteer or does she have a more formal role?
  • 3/5 Main Characters – Sharee’s over the top insistence that she can do everything herself is annoying. She’s painfully naïve without one iota of self-preservation in her. Everybody around her is like “don’t do that picking up of strangers thing because it’s dangerous” and she’s like “yes, but I prayed first.” John’s kind of volatile and moody. The whole disable car and steal keys until you go on a date with me thing is not really attractive. Pretty sure someone who just came off of an abusive relationship would be less okay with that than Sharee.
  • 2.5/5 Side Characters – They’re okay. Nobody’s really memorable.
  • 3/5 Performance – It’s okay. You can tell who’s who. That’s what counts.
  • The romance is kinda weird. Both of them have some baggage. They’re falling in love but she’s like “nope, you’re not a Christian. I must resist” and he’s like “but I am a Christian” and she’s like “okay, yay. I shall now fall deeper in love with you.” Typically, in this brand of story one of them genuinely isn’t a Christian, becomes a Christian in the course of them dodging danger together, and then the non-Christian flips and they enter Happily Ever After.
  • Probably could have been shortened. I listen at a faster speed but even then some parts dragged.
  • The bickering between the MCs went over the top.
  • Title tie in – This book pulls one of those, I’m going to show you 5 exciting pages and then skip to 3 months ago, but literally, the part that has to do with the Amber Alert is maybe a few hours. Everything else it to fill in the blanks of how we go there.
  • The mystery’s wrap up kind of lost its wow factor because I 100% didn’t even remember the character.
  • This could just be a quirk of the book not translating well to audio format, but the scenes seemed disjointed.
  • Definitely hits the romance genre, sort of hits Christian, doesn’t really hit suspense. But certain pieces of the mystery were intriguing.
  • I would read other stuff by the same author, but I wouldn’t re-read this.
  • Didn’t feel much about Cooper and John. Why is his dog always hanging around anyway?


It’s a decent Christian romance.

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