*Spoilers possible


Dumbledore can’t act against Grindelwald because they made a pact when they were kids. Same for the big baddy. He can’t go head-to-head against Dumbledore for the same reason. But the big baddy would like to reshape the world and have the wizarding world come out of hiding.

Additional Comments:

  • It’s okay as a standalone but probably much better when taken as a straight continuation of previous events.
  • This is part 3 in a 5-part series, but let’s be honest, if it makes money, they’ll squeeze another movie or split 5 into two separate movies. Just the nature of the movie making beast of late. This portion of the movie doesn’t advance the plot much, but it does cover several key events.
  • It’s a decent movie that has some amusing parts. I love McGonagall’s cameo.
  • Honestly, the movie was way more interesting because I’ve been playing the Portkey Hogwarts Mystery game. (Ravenclaw all the way … cause blue is pretty.) Some of the creatures are mentioned.
  • It suffers a bit from Hollywood striving to hit the right PC notes, but that’s a relatively minor complaint.
  • Some of the character involvement seemed a stretch, but it worked out.
  • A major fight scene was ultimately a very long bunny trail.
  • The creature part of this did show some significance.
  • The voting with wands thing was super cool and satisfying to see, though it gave the thing the feel of the Quidditch World Cup or something.


Recommended on a big screen.

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