Prince Valerian and his new wife, Merry, settle into married life and their new roles. The first threat has been dealt with, but troubles brewing in the southern section of the kingdom.

Additional Comments:

  • I don’t often read books these days, but unfortunately, this one hasn’t yet made the journey into audiobook. Still, it’s worth the effort to read. Took me a few months to finish, but that has more to do with the amount of time I have to read than my interest level in the book.
  • Plot 4/5: There’s decent balance between the goings-on of the heroes and the villains, even though it’s probably way more focused on the good guys.
  • Main Characters 4/5: Merry’s Healing gift makes her somewhat useful so she’s a tad more than just the prince’s good little wife-y. Otherwise, everything’s focused on Prince Valerian’s exploits (preparation for tournament, tournament, trip to see father, etc). They’re young. Like super young, but I suppose that’s accurate for the time period. Kieran’s a cool character. Valerian only had a few moments that made me wanna smack the irrational jealousy out of him. His Sight gift is kinda awesome.
  • Side Characters 4/5: Gwen is a little more fleshed out than Drew. The king and queen are barely mentioned, but fulfill their function well enough. Cormack’s awesome. I guess Kieran and Tristam could be considered side characters since they don’t rate a blurb spot, but they’re in it enough to make them at least semi-main characters.
  • End twist worked very well. 4/5.
  • Dragons – yay.
  • Closure 4/5: Even though you know there’s a lot more to come, it feels like this part of the story has an end.
  • Content Warning: Medieval violence. A LOT of medieval violence. Lots of implied marital relations. Nothing’s described in detail. I’d definitely still categorize this as a clean book, but if you’re squeamish about blood and violence, it might not be the right series for you.


It’s a solid entry in a long, long, long series, but so far, well-worth reading.

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