Very cool cover from audible.

Narrated by Holly Adams

Run Time 11 hrs and 44 mins

*mild spoilers possible in discussion


Finn and Hope end up at Revelations, a unique reform school.

Additional Comments:

  • Main Characters 4/5 Stars: Even though the blurb focuses on Finn Wager, the book struck me more as Hope’s book through about 70% of it. He’s not particularly good at anything, which fits his ordinary persona quite well. (Yet, he still has zero problem getting Wendy to like him.) Hope kind of annoyed me, inducing a few times where I wish I could reach in and tell her to quit whining and do her job.
  • Side Characters 3/5 Stars: Most of the sidekicks blurred or became a stereotype. Jayden. Mike. Evil chick enforcer. Evil sadistic hunter enforcer dude. Literal guardian angel. Even the good guys didn’t seem fleshed out enough/likable to the point where I really cared about their fate one way or the other. Except Ms. D. Kinda liked her.
  • Plot 4.5/5: Intriguing. Took a long, long, long while to get there and quite a few long-winded infodumping sessions, but it’s quite an imaginative journey. A few things were a tad convenient, but that happens.
  • Closure 3/5: Yes, this story arc closes, but the end felt like a blatant pitch for a sequel.
  • Unique 4/5: Props for the circus angle.
  • Performance 4.5/5: Nicely handled. It’s a very long story. Characters are distinguishable. I think I liked the magician’s voice best.
  • General observation: The book kind of had a hard time deciding what it wanted to be. It was part Raiders of the Lost Ark gone wrong, part typical Gifted kids go to a cool, dangerous academy tale, and part where the Star Wars Expanded Universe lost it’s dang mind and went all fantasy-based paranoia road story.
  • Side note: I have a slight issue with the idea of a Soulkeeper—supposed servant of God—practicing reiki. I 100% get that this is pure fantasy, but that is some serious mixing of ideas. You want your immortal, reluctant Soulkeeper to heal people, awesome, do it, but make up a term for it or just stick with generic healing.
  • Content Warning: Quite a bit of cursing. Some gruesome descriptions of violence.


Interesting opening to a YA fantasy series very, very loosely based on angels and demons.

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