Band: The Crane Wives


A collection of folk, indie music. I’m not well-versed in the genre, but the music is pleasant sounding, even if not all the stories are cheery.

Individual Songs:

Nothing at All – Kind of a reflective piece. Maybe a little bit about meaning of life.

I Talk in My Sleep – Maybe about miscommunication in relationships?

Down the River – Faster tempo than first two on the CD. About aftermath of somebody else’s actions. Kind of a reminder how many lives we affect.

Ribs – Feel like there are some deep meanings in here. Sounds like something written by someone who came through a lot of pain.

Can’t Go Back – A song about moving on.

Curses – Sounds like a jazz piece from the 1940s. Might be one of my favorites from the CD.

Turn Out The Lights – Sometimes you just need to stop thinking.

Pretty Little Things – Nice intro. Very soothing. Another favorites. “Don’t buy me flowers. It pains me to watch pretty little things wilt away.” Sounds like there are deeper meanings to this song. Like it was built on the speaker’s pain. (I think this may be my favorite song overall.)

Know How – Dunno if I get this song, but it sounds cool. “Just because I know what I am, I am supposed to do now, doesn’t mean I know, doesn’t mean I know how.” – It’s one of those I think I know then it slips away.

Now the Ghost – Fear of disappointment can weigh you down.

The Garden – Dunno if I get this song either. Still sounded pretty.


A lively nice collection of folk songs. Solid vocals and sweet background music. (They have some awesome covers on their CDs too.)


The Crane Wives digital store.

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