Coyote Stories (Physical CD) — The Crane Wives

Band: The Crane Wives


Another collection of folk, indie music. Vocalists have nice, smooth voices. Lyrics are a tad hard to understand to one more used to instrumental. (I tend to tune stuff out if I’m doing anything but listening to the words). As with most music, not always a happy tale but heartfelt.

Note: the CDs come with a lovely little booklet that contains the lyrics.

Individual Songs:

Keep You Safe – Story about not taking risks. “Time is not your friend. Time is not your enemy.” Fav line: “No amount of fear will keep you safe.”

The Moon Will Sing – Has really nice background music. “I shine only with the light you give me.”

Allies or Enemies – Very nice chorus. “Are we allies or enemies? This will be the death of me.” Social scenes are sometimes hard to navicate.

Unraveling – multiple loves found and lost?

Hard Sell – Nice beat. I can relate to the lyrics.

Rockslide – Fast-paced.

Metaphor – long intro. Kinda haunting melody.

The Hand That Feeds – Kind of grim, but nicely delivered.

Little Soldiers – Mini story of love lost?

Sleeping Giants – sweet vocalizations; might be my fav on the album

Of Everlong – Sounds kinda of sad, melancholy, and reflective.

Never Love an Anchor – Definitely a metaphor. Pretty straightforward at first but kind of sounds like a parent to child kind of thing. Would have to listen to it a few more times to interpret properly. Cool thing about music, diff people can get different messages.

New Discovery – Kind of a typical story of longing. Beautiful as usual.


Bet they’re awesome in person.


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