Narrated by Kathleen Li

Run Time: 6 hrs and 2 min


(Narration was fine, story had some serious sense issues.)

A rather complicated, convoluted tale of a woman who was abused as a teenager, grows up to marry a cheater, and finally finds the strength to stand on her own (with a friend, of course).

Additional Comments:

  • Plot 2.5/5: The series of events falls in the average range. There’s a twist at the end that simply tells you the scatter-brained omniscient narrator has been unreliable this whole time.
  • Dialogue 2/5: Highly stilted and overly formal. Didn’t sound realistic at all.
  • Writing Mechanics and Word Choice 2/5: Awkward and bizarre. As a friend put it, you’d almost have to listen twice to get heads and tails of what the heck is happening. Part of the confusion might just be the medium. This may not have been a great book choice for the audio format because there’s no indication of section breaks. Consequently, you get random characters doing their thing then end up hearing a completely different set of characters in a new situation quite regularly.
  • Characters 2.5/5: Nobody’s likeable. Everybody has an excuse for their bad behavior. Most of the husbands beat on their wives or cheat because that’s all they know or that’s just the way life works. (Their fathers must have been a poor example.) Their behavior is bizarre too. This woman barely meets a guy and is throwing herself at him with abandon because he’s so sweet. (Maybe there are women that stupid, but after being mentally and physically abused by her husband to the point where she basically goes into the equivalent of witness protection … I would hope the character earned a few bits of sense from her horrific experiences.)
  • Side commentary: Not sure I can get behind the subtle messages in here either. When things are going well, the young women are put together and skinny and attractive. When things spiral out of control, they let themselves go becoming fat and unattractive. Part of getting on the right track is working their way back to attractive bodies.
  • The last fifth of the book takes a weird Christian turn. Let me be clear, I’m a Christian. I have zero issues with such themes being included in a book, but it was odd to have most of the book have not one hint of Christian themes and then boom everybody’s getting right with God.
  • Kathleen Li does a decent job with the narration, but as usual, I had to speed it up to reach a comfortable listening pace.
  • Content Warnings: a lot of talk of violence and rape. Nothing’s described in great detail, but there are quite a few really disturbing scenes, including one where a character dang near gets beaten to death on top of sexual abuse. Some language.


If you like complicated tales of revenge and redemption, this is a candidate for you.

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