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If you’ve read the summary after the book, you’ll find it contains a few spoilers. However, it does give you a decent mini-picture of what you’re in for. Thornton and Meira (I totally would have spelled her name wrong) are thrust into a conflict much bigger than their individual lives.

Additional Comments:

  • Enjoyable, but it meanders all over the place.
  • Audio performance was pretty solid, especially considering the author read it himself. (I don’t know if he’s an actor by trade. I’m guessing not since there wasn’t complete variation of character voices.) Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid performance. Editing’s a little rough. There are a few places that repeat the same line. Disclaimer: Although the audio version was enjoyable, the format may not be the easiest to follow every detail. It’s easier to review a small section or confirm a fact with a paperback.
  • The repetition of lines happens as part of the story too. It’s irritating to have a scene from multiple perspectives that overlaps. Multiple perspectives is fine, but don’t cover the same ground.
  • World-building 4.5/5 stars: The world created here might not be all that happy, but it’s as rich and full as you’d like any fantasy to be. (Interesting backstory. Magic. Bad guys. Naïve heroes. Chosen Ones. If there’s a trope, the book hit it and hit it well.)
  • Characters 3.5/5 stars: There are a lot of characters, which can be expected in fantasy. But there’s way too much “convenience” and coincidence for normal levels of suspension of disbelief. Likeable, but it switches so many perspectives, we hardly get to know anybody. (Meira, Thornton, Olsen, Kethras, Ynara, their Mother, the two captains, the main baddie, Sarah (sorry about spelling, I heard the audio) the lady second in command baddie, etc) I do like that Meira turned out to be more than a love interest.
  • Villains 3/5 stars: Their motivations are kind of lame.
  • Content Warnings: Fantasy violence. Overall, relatively clean. No language stood out as offensive. No adult scenes.
  • Closure 3.5/5 stars: It’s pretty much designed to run you right into book 2. This part of the story ends. There’s an epilogue of sorts that tries to wrap up a few threads.  


Interesting start to an epic fantasy series. If that’s your thing, check it out.

*I received a free copy of the audio. I chose to review it freely. All opinions are my own.

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Spoiler Section:


  • Ynara and Kethras arrived just in time to save the heroes from certain death.
  • The guy who escaped with Olsen happened to be able to get the drop on Thornton, clock him, then escape the whole city without a hitch. He also happened to know right where to go in the middle of nowhere.
  • The bad guys traveled to the middle of nowhere with two hand-picked dudes from the big bad army.


  • Does Thorton’s sister/half-sister? Ever realize the truth about her father.
  • Why doesn’t Thornton’s eyes always give him away? I feel like this one was half-explained?
  • Thornton owns the Hammer of the World (or something like that) and he just happens to grow up next to Meira?
  • The Khyth culture seemed hellbent on gaining power but with a distinct lack of direction. Why? To what end? Free the Break, sure, but why?

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