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Subtitle: A Farm Girl’s Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture

Narrated by Aven Shore

Unconventional Nonfiction Book


The author walks the reader through 4-ish different examples of people who changed their outlook on farming. They found a way to restore some of the damage done by conventional farming. She also lays out how conventional farming actually hurts the environment. The book is a little preachy on the this is a whole community problem while being a little light on details of how. The point is that there is no one answer for each community.

Additional Comments:

– The performance is fine. I played the book back at 2.5 speed because it’s very long. 

– While not a straight entertainment book, I going the tales of the farmers’ lives and hardships very interesting.

– I probably won’t be switching my eating habits over to organic. But if the opportunity came to get better conveniently, I might. 

– The part I really enjoyed centered on the ecology of soil and farms. 

– Much of the answer to healing the land lies in letting it return to natural courses. The guy who used cow herds to maintain the farm was awesome. Why doesn’t everybody who can work less and make more? The author’s answer is common sense… fear of change. 

– She went on a rant at the end about farmers thinking they’re better but really no different than poor people on welfare. While I see what she’s saying, not sure that’s the note I would have ended on.


A very informative and educational overview of the issues with conventional farming and 4 viable answers that it’s possible to change farming ideology and practices for the better.

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