Narrated by Kerin McCurdy


Pretty much read the long subtitle and you have a general synopsis of the book. It’s about reading people and turning that knowledge to your advantage. (read, manipulation, but for good, I think.)

Additional Comments:

  • Not as annoying as a lot of nonfiction books I’ve heard.
  • Had a few intriguing points.
  • Narrator did a fine job with this, but I think it might be better to have the ebook rather than the audiobook because it strikes me more as a thing you’d like to reference (flip back to) if you actually wanted to exploit the info included. Having both would be the best of both worlds.
  • Author seemed knowledgeable, but then again, I know zip about the subject, so it’s all new to me. Some is in fact common sense, but it was neat to have everything laid out in an organized manner.
  • Certain professions rely upon these skills more than others, but in general, it’s good to develop a people sense.


Useful, short book on interpreting body language.

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