picture from audible

Narrated by Nancy Wu

Run Time: 9 hrs and 19 min

Genre: mystery


Mattie Cobb, recent K-9 handler for the Timber Creek police force, is still in the getting to know you phase with her charge, Robo. A brutal murder disturbs the small town. Robo stumbles across the body first, but it won’t be the last body to fall during this investigation.

Additional Comments:

  • Mattie’s got the typical troubled past pretty much all these small town law enforcement types have by unwritten law, but it was deftly handled. I love her relationship with her foster mom.
  • Cole Walker’s a nice semi-romantic interest. I can see that relationship moving somewhere eventually, but I was also glad to see the author didn’t skip all sense of logic and force them into anything immediately. He’s got a lot to handle with his veterinarian business and two daughters.
  • The conclusion was a tad disappointing. The bad guy was sort of declared midway through.
  • Maddie makes mistakes that almost cost her big time. I enjoyed the fact that she wasn’t perfect, but still came through in the end.
  • Parts rambled, but overall, readers get an intriguing mystery.
  • Title’s kind of a stretch, but whatever.


Charming and satisfying K-9 mystery.

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