Adana the Earth Dragon: An Elemental Tale by Debbie ManberKupfer

Narrated by Fiona Thraille

4.0/5 Cute, Very Short Story


This is a very short story about an Earth dragon that basically follows a typical kid’s story arc. Nobody pays any attention to poor Adana until her unique talents save the day.

Aside: I must say this has one of the cutest covers I’ve seen in a while. I heard the audiobook but I’m sure the illustrated version is beautiful, if I’m allowed to judge the book by the cover.


Additional Comments:

– It’s only 13 minutes as an audiobook.

– The morals are very clearly defined but don’t come across as too contrived.

– Adana is sweet. The other dragons are a bit bully-like until they need the heroine.

– There’s very little to no danger involved.


Short and to the point children’s book.

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