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Narrated by Daniel Casper

Run Time: 10 hrs 16 mins

Genre: Cyberpunk/thriller

*spoilers possible in discussion


Danny and his group of Dungeons and Dragons players take on the job of hacking into a medical research facility and get way more than they bargained for.

Additional Comments:

  • If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read the blurb. It pretty much spells out the first half of the book.
  • Performance 4/5 Stars: It’s a full-cast audio with about 6-7 names listed at the very end. I know that’s becoming more of a thing, but it was kind of distracting. I don’t read romances and that’s where you’d probably hear the most dual performances. I would have preferred 1 narrator in a story like this. All narrators did fine, and the editing was good enough to keep all transitions smooth. That’s about the best you can hope for with full-cast shows. I would certainly listen to another of their productions.
  • Story 3.5/5 Stars: There’s a cool premise, hero’s kind of purposefully lame. He’s a tech genius, not an action hero, which is fine. But that means most of the action is carried out by others. There are some neat plot twists near the end. The plot is high action, but at times, the action seems to just move the characters about at will with them having 0 control over what to do next.
  • Seemed to have more to do with cocaine than dopamine. I guess I missed that connection. Pretty sure it was mentioned. Probably would have had a different audience if that were the title though.
  • Side Characters 3.5/5 Stars: While realistic even in their stereotypes, not many of the characters are very likable as people. Roger is a sex-addicted nincompoop. Tina’s an underappreciated, brilliant woman wasted on the job of answering phones. Danny’s your average tech genius. Jason’s the greedy corporate guy with a heart of gold in the end. He might actually be the one to show the most character growth. The Russians are mostly mobsters.
  • I probably would have pegged it for near future scifi/thriller over cyberpunk, but maybe I’m just not familiar enough with the nuances of the genre.
  • Monologues: There were at least 2 main character monologues that should have been skipped.
  • Content Warning: Very, very strong language. Hit 4 f-bombs within 15 minutes and kept that general ratio throughout the story. A few adult scenes that could easily have been skipped.


An interesting tech-heavy thriller.

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