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Anybody who reads even the titles of most of my reviews can probably tell that I have pretty strange taste in movies. But occasionally, I have bouts of normality. I’m going to count Hacksaw Ridge as one of those moments. This is Desmond Doss’s story. He was a conscientious objector who joined the war effort to save people.

Additional Comments:

– The training sessions reminds me of early Captain America.

– The bullying is kind of stupid as usual, but probably accurate. There is always at least one jerk like that.

– Poor kid got the crappy end of the stick. Army treated him pretty poorly. They wanted him to voluntarily quit.

– His old man came to bat for him. I like that there was decent character development. People weren’t always good or always bad. They struggled.

– The ridge they want to take looks crazy. Probably better to be one of the navy guys blasting it from miles away.

– Flamethrower… yikes. Pretty powerful weapon. Also, does crazy-horrible things to flesh.

– It’s well-acted.


Gritty but feel-good in the end. It’s a story that should be shared. Unwavering beliefs in the face of opposition can be very powerful to witness.


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