This is a documentary that follows a mother panda and her baby, a mother snow leopard and her two cubs, some scrappy deer-like critters, and an adolescent monkey.

Additional Comments:

  • The script got a tad silly sometimes, but the narration was done well.
  • There’s triumph and tragedy in this relatively short movie.
  • The little additional snippets provided a nice look at behind the scenes. This must have been one heck of a long, hard job.
  • I noticed how most of the movie posters are harping on the pandas, but it actually follows 4 different animal families.
  • The beginning part with the map was pretty neat.
  • Best part by far = the music. Beautiful and sweeping, it’s definitely got an Asian flare to it.


I’m not typically a documentary person, but I found this enjoyable. Definitely worth seeing.




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