4.5/5 Stars Movie Review: Tomb Raider


Lara Croft’s no stranger to the big screen or video games. After all, she started out way long ago as a video game character. This particular reboot follows a lot of things in the “new” games that explored more of her origin story.

Additional Comments:

– I enjoyed the Angelina Jolie version of Tomb Raider put out ages ago. They were fun, mindless, action flicks.

– Alicia Vikander does a nice job bringing the iconic character a new life and vulnerability as a young woman trying to make it on her own and holding out hope of finding her father. I watched some of the behind the scenes Youtube videos. Yikes, that woman worked hard for this movie.

– The whole refusing her inheritance thing was dragged out a bit. That process can be reversed, so I don’t see the point of her refusal except as a mark of her stubborn character.

– The movie brings in a lot of stuff that the “new” video games did, but they changed significant pieces of the story. Game: Lara’s more of an archaeology student who gets shipwrecked on the island along with several friends. That’s how she runs across the bad guys. Movie: Lara and 1 companion sail toward the island in the Devil’s Triangle in order to seek out what happened to their fathers who disappeared there together 7 years prior.

– There are some decent twists to the movie version of the story.

– I have to see this again because I missed the once scene I wanted to see (the parachute scene).

– Fans of the game will recognize a few of the ways you can die in the game.

– It’s one of the best video game movies I’ve seen. (Though to be fair, I haven’t seen all that many video game movies. Typically, their reputation for being downright terrible scares me off.)


A worthwhile action flick based on a beloved character.

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