It’s happened: zombie apocalypse. You and your sister live in a tower. You have for much of your young life. But now you’re a young adult and you want to spread your little proverbial wings and fly. But you can’t keep your mouth shut about injustices you see. And the guy who runs the tower is kind of a homicidal jerk.

Additional Comments:

  • I named my sister Pria. (I’m not sure if that was the default name or not.)
  • My character’s name was Miranda.
  • This story started really strong with some great twists and turns. I think it’s about 21 chs. I’d say 15 of them are excellent and the remainder have the distinct feel of filler material. The end didn’t strike me as something satisfying enough to warrant 5 stars across the board.
  • It’s open enough to allow for a sequel if they so desire.
  • The side characters ran the standard wide-eyed naïve to inventive and sweet to nerdy to outright hostile.
  • I enjoyed the hard choices aspect. There were literally choices that were no-win. You only got 2 choices and they were both terrible. Not sure why I found that appealing. Maybe it lent a smidge of realism to an otherwise ridiculous escapism zombie story.
  • Humph, I didn’t get to adopt a cute pet. (I guess I was too busy adopting lost souls.)
  • This one’s marked mature, but it’s mostly because of the gruesome aspects of killing zombies that are trying to rip your face off. There is a fair amount of sex if you seek it out, but it’s pretty clear where and when those instances crop up if you wish to avoid.


Starts strong, meanders a bit, starts to end well, ends okay. Worth trying if you like zombie things.

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