*Warning: this one’s labeled a tragedy


It’s like watching a car wreck. You sort of suspect what happen but still watch for the details.

Additional Comments:

  • I actually cried at the end.
  • You 100% know what’s going to happen. It’s a framed story. The MC is sitting there at her graduation watching a video prepped by her boyfriend.
  • It’s still a very sweet story.
  • I liked the tie-ins to Edenbrook hospital. Ethan Ramsey and Harper Emery get cameos.
  • Cancer seems to have cropped up a lot lately in stories, people I know of, etc. Crazy devastating disease. Even the treatment of it is difficult for families to bear.
  • I did most of the diamond choices that involved being nice to people. I think this was one rare book where they didn’t have a pet for you to adopt. Good. I’m such a sucker for the cute fluffies.


Sad but satisfying story.

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