picture from audible

Narrated by Kelly McNair

Run Time: 4 hrs and 17 mins


A fictional account of the fears developed by a female rescue German shepherd mix.

Additional Comments:

  • Narration is 4, story is 3.
  • Performance took a little getting used to because the narrator’s voice was a tad higher pitched than I find soothing and easy to listen to, but she did a nice job overall with the story she was given.
  • The perspective narration (story not performance) was inconsistent. For example, it would say something like “the poking place” and then two paragraphs later be like “the veterinarian.” Or like “the hairy-faced man” and “kitchen.” I get it, but the level of sophistication kept jumping around like one of those beans.
  • The story started out with the family, stayed with them for a while then switched over to the dog’s perspective and stayed there.
  • Content warning: It’s clean-ish, but there was at least one scene description of dogs doing it I definitely could have done without. Some violence. A few scattered curse words.
  • Overall equal parts charming and annoying.


If you want to hear a rambling tale about a dog, go for it. It’s like the gritty opposite version of homeward bound. Or the dog version of the foster kid’s crappy life journey to the loving forever home.

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