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The Adventures of Ace Carroway Book 7


One of Ace’s companions disappears on a trip to speak to some people about getting Tungsten for one of Ace’s pet projects.

Additional Comments:

– I heard book 1 as an audiobook. It feels like a lot happened in the intervening time. You can still enjoy the series without hearing everything in between, but you’re probably going to have the same semi-lost feeling during some sections.

– There were a lot of colorful characters with pretty heavy accents. Having heard the audio of the first, I think that’s standard for the series. In that regard, it’s much easier to have something or someone read the story to you instead of reading it yourself, but that might be a personal preference.

– I’m not 100% clear on why Bert was kidnapped in the first place, but I’m sure if I paid more attention, that part would be clearer.

– Ace is overpowered as a character, but that’s part of her charm. Her motley crew is loyal to a fault, but they do have their own skills to bring to the table. Gooper and Gallows kind of got crossed in my head for a bit.

– Clean read. I think there’s one curse word in the book.

– Little to no romance involved in the series. It’s more action and tech of the 1920’s. It’s got the feel of an alternate universe history.


Solid entry in an intriguing series.

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