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Narrated by Bronson Pinchot

Run Time: 8 hrs and 5 mins

Genre: Nonfiction, serial killers, true crime


Nobody knows how many people got iced by Richard Kuklinski. He got the nickname The Iceman because he once put a body on ice 2 years to see what it would do in terms of preservation.

Additional Comments:

  • There’s hope for the true crime genre yet!
  • Richard Kuklinski led quite the interesting double life. Family man and hit man.
  • He’s not your stereotypical mob hitman. You wouldn’t cast a Hollywood heartthrob to represent him. He didn’t lead a heart-pounding life of danger and thrills. He did dark deals in back rooms.
  • His first crime was running off with a crate of wine, then puking his guts out. Later he killed a neighborhood bully.
  • Most of the people who got killed kind of deserved it, so it was a little hard to feel sorry for them.
  • There were tales of bravery too. Found it intriguing that the one dude went back to die to protect his family.
  • It’s like a true Sith tale, a master, an apprentice, and a betrayal when things go wrong.
  • Kind of makes you wonder about the history of the place you live in.
  • Was one heck of an investigation.
  • Cyanide is an undervalued poison. I found the range of Kukinski’s weapons intriguing. He didn’t hesitate to shoot people, but he also claimed to be able to make it look accidental with cyanide mist.  
  • I found it even more fascinating because I recognized some of the places in New Jersey. Most of the famous serial killers come from other places.
  • Narration was fine. It’s not exactly a book that calls for a million voices, but the actor did a nice job distinguishing the 8-10 different people, both male and female.
  • Content Warnings: flagrant use of f-bombs. It fits the moment, but I wouldn’t exactly count this as a clean book.


An interesting account of Richard Kukinski’s life and work and a bit about the guy who took him down.

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