Western’s not typically a genre I seek out, either in movies or books. That said, this is a very good story.


Darcey Teller and Luv Lass team up to take on some heartless outlaws.

Additional Comments:

– The blurb pretty much outlines the whole story.
– It’s not a perfect story, but there are enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.
– Darcey’s emotions are a bit hard to peg down. She goes basically ballistic over the death of a total stranger. That’s weird. The husband thing I get. That makes more sense because there’s a much closer connection, but the other part doesn’t click.
– The friendship that grows between Darcey and Luv Lass happens in fits and spurts, which is great.
– Pacing’s strange. Some sections drag on and then others pass in a blink. But the key for me is the good guys/bad guys. There are clearcut lines here, and I wanted to root for the good guys.


A worthwhile Western to dive in to. If you’re a casual Western fan like me, go for it.

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