Narrated by Anne Marie Lewis


Women from several backgrounds have had it with the incompetent, cruel, or corrupt rule of men. So, they decide to form their own society.

Additional Comments:

  • Intriguing concepts. I’ve heard other books by this author from this world. It’s pretty well fleshed out.
  • If you’re looking for stories with strong female leads, you’ve definitely found one. Everyone from the duke’s daughter to the bread-maker’s daughter who can control magic has a story and a reason for seeking a society free of men.
  • Humor: There are a few lighthearted moments, like the times one of the women turns her foes into toads.
  • Not exactly a kid-friendly fantasy, but a fun one nonetheless. The solution these women have to their troubles probably wouldn’t work, but it’s interesting to read. I can see this sparking some interesting conversations in a college lit class.
  • Narration was handled well. The audio didn’t have any weird background noise or anything distracting like that. The narrator kept distinct voices. I wasn’t in love with the voice for every character, but that’s neither here nor there, just personal preference. If you get a story like this with a lot of voices, there’s bound to be some that just don’t resonate with you.
  • Warnings: Contains fantasy violence and adult concepts.  This author doesn’t pull punches when it comes to describing violence. The sex scenes aren’t described in great detail but there are several references to rape.


Not kid-friendly! But a well-written, fun, female character driven short fantasy novel. If you’re a Crimson Claymore fan, you should check this book out.

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