Narrated by Gina Marie Davies

Narration 4 stars; story 3 stars

Run Time: 10 hrs and 56 minutes

*mild spoilers possible in discussion


Jillian’s vacation quickly turns into a nightmare. She ends up hurt and stuck in a cabin with a scary mountain dude and his hell hound.

Additional Comments:

  • Main character 3.5/5 stars: Jillian’s okay as a main character. She comes across as the quintessential “good girl” who gets in way over her head. She’s somebody you can root for, but there were many, many points in this book where I could only shake my head and wonder how the kid got so dumb. That level of dumb is kinda hard to achieve.
  • Villain 3/5 stars: He fits his role well.
  • Content Warning: This is clearly not a Christian book. There are some Christian views expressed, but as is, with them being expressed by the cannibalistic, backwards, hick holding the MC captive for 4/5 ths of the book, it skews a lot of the views.
  • 2.5/5 Stars Plot and Pacing: There are some cool twists, but the book seems to go on forever for no good reason. If about 4 hours were cut of random conversations with the crazy dude or descriptions of the MC being dumb or hobbling here and there, would have been much better. You definitely need some of that, but the amount of that just seemed excessive. Even the beginning part was insanely slow. I think it took an hour for them to drive up to the cabin.
  • 4/5 Stars Narration: Nicely performed. Characters are distinguishable, which is tough seeing that there were 4 teenage girls right off the bat.
  • 2.5/5 stars Sense of closure: Eh, it’s okay. It’s not exactly a “happy ending.” Guess I’m just a sucker for happy endings. I think it may have been angling for a sequel.
  • Content Warning: It’s been a few weeks, so I honestly can’t remember if this one had any cursing in it. I do remember it has quite a few gruesome injuries to various characters.  


Long thriller with some decidedly dull sections. Last quarter had a lot of action and decent suspense though, so if you’re willing to put in the time investment, you may enjoy this book.

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