Length: 16 Chapters – though those vary from about 34 minutes to 55 minutes.

Available from Disney Plus.

Will attempt to keep spoiler free but read at your own risk. (I did a pretty good job of spoiler-free.)


An outer rim bounty hunter gets more than he bargained for when he accepts a lucrative contract from Imperial remnants.

Additional Comments:

  • Old school Star Wars feel 5/5: The story was made for TV, so it kind of meanders a bit. But it hits a lot of the classic Star Wars vibes: shootouts, desperate straits, hand-to-hand contests, interesting characters, cool creatures, fantastic beasts. Stormtroopers are still kinda rubbish at shooting good guys.
  • Characters 5/5: Two words for you: The Child. Okay, so I have more to say, but he’s a huge part of the fan appeal. Disney for all their faults has a lot of marketing genius. If you polled the amount of products out there for The Mandalorian and The Child, I’m betting the Child products far outnumber the Mandalorian just cause he’s so darn cute. Mando’s cool too. Cara, Kuill, some good guys, and the bad guy too have their place.
  • Reveals 5/5: Somebody told me to watch Rebels and The Clone Wars first. I got through Rebels, but I’m still struggling through The Clone Wars. More on that later, but it was worth it to see Rebels to better understand some of the reveals in the latter half of The Mandalorian. End reveal was predictable but still awesome.
  • Plot 4/5: Because it’s made for TV, there are necessarily some meandering going on.
  • When going into season 2, I had to rewatch season 1. While I remembered most of it, there’s enough stuff packed in there to enjoy a second look. Perhaps in a few months I’ll watch the whole saga again.


Star Wars fans old and new should be able to find something to love in The Mandalorian. Not quite saying it’s worth the $74.63 for a year of Disney Plus by its lonesome self, but it comes pretty darn close.   

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