Narrated by Emma Faye

Run Time: 5 hrs and 16 mins


Mia’s amnesia after a car accident dominates much of her life. She’s sleepwalking, getting headaches, and having strange memories.

Additional Comments:

  • It’s kind of similar to a fantasy book in that literally anything could happen because you’re not sure if she’s remembering real stuff or fake stuff throughout about 80% of the book. That’s going to thrill some people (because of the ability to throw in twists) and annoy the heck out of others (because it seems like a waste of time to be reviewing false memories).
  • Honestly not sure why it’s billed as romantic suspense. It’s more like a mild psychological thriller. Can’t discuss that too much without headed straight into spoilers.
  • Sense of closure: Pretty much nonexistent. It might as well end “to be continued.” If you intend to continue, awesome. If not, you’re probably going to be annoyed. Don’t try it if you just want a standalone story.
  • Characters 3/5: Mia’s a mess. That makes her a sympathetic character you want to comfort one minute and somebody you want to shake the next minute. Most others are a tad stock until the twists. (The husband. The mysterious stranger. The best friend. The evil dude. Etc)
  • Pros: There are some great twists.
  • Cons: There’s a genre jump straight to scifi, which can be interesting, but can also tick off people who go into it wanting one thing (romantic suspense) and getting another (scifi). Was recently watching a youtube series by a fantasy writer who talked about the promises and payoffs. Here promises and payoffs don’t pan out as expected. While most people will be like “oh, that’s weird” and move on, it’s going to polarize the others.
  • Performance 4/5 stars: I had the story playing at 2.5x so I didn’t experience the full effect of the performance, but I still enjoyed the character variation.


If you want romantic suspense, probably not the book for you. If you enjoy twisty series stuff that kind of jumps genres, you will likely really enjoy this.

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Devya’s Children Series Links:

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts – short stories featuring Jillian.
The Dark Side of Science – official prequel to Devya’s Children; Genetically altered kids fight for the right to live.
Ashlynn’s Dreams – Genetically altered Dream Shaper learns her gift.
Nadia’s Tears – Jillian tries to awaken her sister, Nadia, from a coma.
Malia’s Miracles – Jillian and her siblings try to save a friend’s mother.
Varick’s Quest – Jillian and Danielle get kidnapped. Nadia’s also in trouble.

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