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Narrated by Amy Deuchler

Series Title: Aloha Lagoon Mysteries, Book 9


Carrie Jorgenson is back. She has a better boyfriend situation and she landed a part in a play, so she’s at least semi on her way to fulfilling those Hollywood dreams. She’s also run across yet another body.

Additional Comments:

  • As with the last book in this series by Catherine Bruns (Death of the Big Kahuna), the dead guy is not well-loved, so it becomes a litany of who had the most reasons to off him.
  • Carrie’s an okay character. I like her slightly less in this book, but maybe that’s just because of some of the plot points. I get that there needs to be development and conflict, but the amount of times she came across as completely clueless was painful to listen to. (Everything in her life is going fine, but she’s freaking out for no good reason. While that probably makes her realistic, it also makes her super annoying.)
  • Cozy mystery stars must run a fine line between nosy bumbling citizen and clever amateur detective. Despite numerous references to Nancy Drew, I think Carrie’s landing too many times on the bumbling citizen side of that line.
  • Side characters: Keanu’s parents are a bit stock, but that’s neither here nor there. Keanu himself is still perfect. Lola’s still the bff gossip. Coral’s an interesting addition to the cast. Kona man was suitable loathsome. Was rooting for killer from the first time Kona man showed up to the inevitable.
  • Also, as before, the wrap up is a tad too cliché. Bad guy comes and gives a speech that allows the MC to live. If he’d done his job and just killed her instead of chatted about it for 10 minutes, it would have been more realistic.
  • Amy Deuchler puts in another solid performance as Carrie and company.


If you enjoy a good, clean cozy mystery, this book and its predecessor (Death of the Big Kahuna) are worth trying. Read that one first though so you get to know the MC.

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